Aims and Objectives of the Federation


  • Protecting the interests and rights of the members and consumers of the Federation;

  • Services of the members of the Federation in Georgia as well as abroad;

  • Further development and promotion of Padel as a sport, perfection of the training system of highly qualified sportsmen, arrangement Padel championships of national and international level, tournaments and
    other types of competitions in accordance with norms of the International Padel Organizations and the current legislation of Georgia;

  • To supervise the development of Padel in the country in accordance with the “Law of Georgia on Sports” and in complience with the authority acquired from the International Padel Organizations;

  • To promote the creation of men’s and women’s national teams of Padel of Georgia, as well as the formation and development of the age team;

  • To conduct national, club, international competitions, tournaments, championships, shows to promote conducting high-level international tournaments in accordance with the rules and regulations of the International Padel Organizations;

  • To establish a school for the training and professional development of young sportsmen and referees in accordance with the rules permitted by law;

  • To purchase sports hardware, sports equipment, to possess sports-technical bases.

  • To issue licenses to sportsmen to participate in international competitions and attend events that will be acknowledged as legitimate licenses by the International Padel Organizations;

  • To develop the National Padel Code according to the established procedure, which is legally based on the Sports Code of the International Padel Organizations;

  • To publish promotional and print production related to the promotion of Padel and the activities of the Federation;

  • To stablish close ties with similar foreign organizations;

  • To invite foreign sportsmen, specialists, referees, specialized firms and their representatives to the federation;

  • To open branches and representations of the Federation on the territory of Georgia and abroad in accordance with the current law;

  • To produce promotional production and sports accessories in complience with the procedure permitted by law.

  • To create health and rehabilitation bases for members and sportsmen of the Federation;

  • To issue international travel documents to members of the Federation and sportsmen in accordance with the established procedure;

  • To establish a training-information center in accordance with the procedure permited by law, which provides sportsmen with trainings at both professional and amateur level, increase their qualification and
    mastery level;

  • To organize national and international conferences, seminars and other meetings of various rank;

  • Any other commercial and non-commercial activities related to these issues, which are not prohibited by the current legislation of Georgia.

  • To follow the rules of the World Anti-Doping Code developed by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and recognize the decision of the Lausanne Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).